Ambulance Killed Patient

An EMT driver decided to change shifts while he was supposed to be rushing a passenger to the hospital… the passenger died. A critically-ill patient died after a paramedic took a detour en route to hospital - so he could end his shift. He drove his ambulance to a depot to swap over with another crew, insisting that he was already 15 minutes late clocking off. The diversion added half a mile to the journey and meant precious minutes that could have been vital in saving Ali Asghar’s life were lost. The driver even failed to notify his replacement that the 69-year-old, who had suffered a stroke, was close to death. The ambulance finally arrived at hospital 35 minutes later and died of a heart attack barely at the hospital. No criminal charges are being pressed. *smh

If I was the family I'd sue... there is no excuse for letting my loved one die because your shift ended 15 minutes ago. That's not my problem.

-Ms Dimplez

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