I'm Not A Fan of Girl Groups....

When it comes to music, it SUPER HARD for me to endorse a girl group. I mean hella hard. You've gotta be over the top dope to make my list. The homie told me to check out this group Electrick Red. So I did.... and I think they alright.

They just got signed to Universal Records a while back, got a couple YouTube videos out, but no lie, I'm just not really feeling 'em. I feel like if you had Danity Kane, Pussycat Dolls, AND the Spice Girls, all wrapped in one, THAT would be these broads... So I continued my YouTube conquest I came across this group called Rich Girl...

I'm really digging Rich Girl. First thing I noticed, they ALL sing. Check this video out. None of that Beyonce with the spotlight, Kelly, LeToya and Michelle in the back crap. Everybody gets their turn on the mic, everyon one sings back up. They're grindin'.

RichGirl is gonna be a problem when they blow up. Electrick Red has the one up cuz they're already signed, but they should still watch they back. These chicks got that Destiny’s Child appeal... Minus Bey and her spotlight... Definitely digging the fact that they're still grindin'. When an artist grinds you see their real hunger for their goal. Just 'member when the time comes, I told you first... Rich Girl is it. Nuff said.
-Miss Dimplez

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