Cheaters Never Prosper

Have you ever walked into a room and seen your significant other’s cell phone sitting lonely? We’ve all been in this predicament before.. The cell phone seems to be screaming, “READ MY TEXT MESSAGES”. You know you shouldn’t, but subconsciously all you want to do is check it…. So, what do you do? Do you check it or do you just let it sit there? You know you’ve been wondering who really text messages all day long. So now you have the chance to find out, what do you do? DON’T DO IT. When you look for some dirt, you’re bound to find some. Quite frankly, it’ll probably be something that you don’t like. Cheating is wrong, no one should be cheated on, but finding out sucks, especially when you have to snoop to do it. All that hurt and turmoil you would put yourself through is above and beyond heartbreak… So ask yourself, is it all worth a text message? If you’re really interested in finding out if your ‘boo’ is a cheater there are other methods, and if you have cheated guilty text messages are NOT the way to be found out. Cheating is pretty common, but there are certain circumstances in where you should never tell them. For example, if you no longer deal with the person on the side, there is no need to mention it. You have reformed your ways and telling your boo will only strain the relationship. Also, just because your lover cheated on you, doesn’t mean they don’t love you. If you’re a really emotion filled couple don’t tell them you cheated. Love is not supposed to hurt, and cheating hurts, bad. Even though in theory telling might be the best thing, it will ruin your relationship. You’re better off quietly reforming your ways. If you haven’t reformed your ways, you’re still sleeping around, and have abundant ‘guilty’ text messages, you deserve to be caught. Your relationship deserves to be ruined. Don’t make cheating a habit. If it happened once, you’re entire life due to extenuating circumstances it can e absolved, if its an every day occurrence, you don’t need to be in that relationship. Cheaters never prosper.

-Miss Dimplez

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