Kanye West Interview on Gayness

For the first time in my life I 100% agree with everything Kanye said. When it comes to homosexuality, because there is a lot of 'controversy' in society, people tend to shy away from the subject. But I have no problem in having that conversation. All the gay people I know are the MOST AWESOME of the people that I know. One of my best friends is gay, and he is one of the dopest photographers ever! I was friends with him before he realized he was gay, I was the first person he came out to, and I supported him when he came out to his parents...etc. That's my best friend, sexual orientation doesn't make him any less of a friend. I'm a Christian, and though religiously, I do not agree with that sexual orientation, who am I to judge him?!?!... I love him because he is a wonderful person and he deserves my love. I am of the opinion that society as a whole, needs to stop judging and embrace differences....
- Miss Dimplez

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