You're A Jerk THE MOVIE

Y'all heard of the New Boyz right? You know the guys who made the song "You're a Jerk"?... Well, an entertainment group is taking that song and turning it into a movie. Melee Entertainment which includes the manager of the New Boyz has said they will be coming out with a movie centered around Jerkin. Jerkin is a new dance that started in LA from the song by the New Boyz. I dig the song, as in, if I'm ever at the club or at a party, I'll dance to it, but its not "good music", and in NO WAY deserves a movie. Do you remember the movie "Rise"? You know the movie about krumping?... oh you can't remember? me either... lol... yeahhh... I see this movie being just as dumb as that one...
-Miss Dimplez

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