Demi Protects Ashton From Soulja Boy

Cruising through celebrity twitters, finding hilarity, came across a mini-conversation between Demi Moore (Ashton Kutcher's wife), and Soulja Boy. First off, it blew my mind that Demi Moore knew who Soulja Boy was, secondly, I feel as though this is something that could have been handled in private, as opposed to tweeting it for folks like me to see... Basically Soulja Boy had been spamming Ashton Kutcher, and Demi Moore felt as though she needed to tell him to calm it down, publicly.. [read the tweets]

Demi Moore: "Hey @Souljaboytellem big love but be easy on spamming @aplusk [Ashton's] inbox!"
Soulja Boy: "I apologize Mrs. Kutcher I'm just trying to reach 2mil followers & @aplusk got followers on deck"
Demi Moore: haha no apology needed!

Demi ain't have to do Soulja like that. She coulda sent him a DM (direct message).. but, then on the other hand, he should calm it down, people will follow you, if they want to. Its not life or death...
- Miss Dimplez

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