Talent Tuesday: TAJ

This is my first ever "Talent Tuesday", and no better way to start the year, than with a man whose talent captivated me like a gust of wind... TAJ.
TAJ is the epitome of talent. Directing, photography or free lance writing; you name it, he can do it. And it amazes me that someone with such prowess could go unnoticed by the layman. I first came across TAJ's work when I saw the video Raymond vs. Raymond; Usher Commercial. That commercial was very seductive and alluding, and instead of day dreaming about Usher I found myself more interested in who created such a work of art. At first I 'googled' TAJ, read through a couple articles, and became even more intrigued. So then I did what I usually do when I wan to know more about someone, follow them on twitter [@TAJ_MAHALL], lol... In following TAJ on twitter and stalking his blog [SleepingOnMars.com], he has become one of my favorite star-lets. An educated God fearing man, humbled, with ambition, and talent... watching his work makes me want to pick up my video camera... check out a video he did for a friend of his:

Of his talent, I am definitely a fan, and I'm excited for what he's got coming out next. Make sure YOU don't take my word for it, and check him out, he's dope.
- Miss Dimplez

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