Dear Lil Wayne, I'm Not Hating BUT Can You Please Go To Jail

Lil Wayne got a twitter last night (@LilTunechi), got "verified" instantly, and in the span of an hour got over 50,000 followers. Every aspiring rapper/musician trying to get signed to Young Money will now be on twitter. #NoShade... So Wayne and Lil Twist hopped on Ustream and proceeded to act-a-fool talk to fans. So some cat hits them them up on ustream saying “Wayne your dreads look nappy” + “Please go to jail”, and a few even went in for Shanelle. So Wayne went off... watch the clip.

“Madden-Champ yo’ mama a b*#ch! Go call your mama and tell er Lil’ Wayne think she’s a b*#ch! Everybody write Madden-Champ mama’s a b*#ch! Make that the trending topic!” LOL

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