Advice Letter: Help! I Went Through His Things!

Dear Miss Dimplez,
I think my boyfriend of the past year is cheating on me... The other day I was going through his phone, and found a couple texts from different girls. All the texts had winky faces and contained statements like "when am I going to see you?", "what are you doing tonight?" and "you looked sexy today"... I even found a picture of a girl in victoria secrets, it may be a playboy model or something, but I was so mad and upset, I know he didn't know I went through his stuff, so I just didn't say anything. Should I be upset? He is still coming home to me right? We've been living together for like 4 months but dating for a year, should I confront him? Should I leave him? I don't know what to do.. Help please!
Girl With Problem
I love your blog.
Dear Girl With Problem,
If you go looking for dirt you will surely find it. Never ever go through your man's things. If the tables were turned you would hate it if he went through yours... The damage has already been done; all you can do now is apologize for snooping and talk to him. Men are not mind readers. He'll only know how you feel if you tell him. Open up to him and see how things move from there. You'll know if it's time for a make up or break up. Also, never feel insecure about photos of playmates, models, etc... those are just fantasy women he most likely will never obtain. Ditch the hurt and dress up in something saucy. Take your own special pictures; let those be your man's constant reminders of what goodies he's coming home to.
- Miss Dimplez

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