Ray J Smashed EVERYONE'S Homies...

I don't usually entertain foolishness, but it re-aired last night while I was putting some work in. Nothing but ratchet antics. In all honesty, Mz. Berry, is too gorgeous, and sophisticated to be wrapped up in this foolisness. “For the Love of Ray J” Reunion Special aired on Vh1, and every one was aerating dirty laundry. Pretty much Ray J slept with almost every girl in the house, and their friends. HE SMASHED THE HOMIES. And then they had Cocktail, the first season winner, on stage telling Mz. Berry, the season 2 winner, about whats "really good" with Ray J... But then her feelings got in the way, and they started arguing and stuff, I thought I was watching Jerry Springer... watch this clip.

Ratchet... *smh
- Miss Dimplez

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