Rihanna Likes It Rough.... O_o

Word on the street is Rihanna got a new acting role as a dominatrix. Yeah, a dominatrix. I guess she likes it "rough". She got casted in a remake of the 1985 flick of “The Last Dragon”.
UK’s Daily Mirror reports, “She has landed an incredibly challenging role alongside Samuel L Jackson. But it’s not a part for the faint-hearted. She will play a super sexy, super kinky dominatrix in martial arts flick The Last Dragon. She has been told to research the part.”

Dear Rihanna, Acting ain't for everybody... This role complete requires her to go "fully bad", cutting out her teenie bopper fan base, and I am of the opinion that unless this role is executed excellently it may be a career ender...
- Miss Dimplez

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