Fail Of The Day.... Mase's New Mixtape

Dear Mason “Murda Mase” Betha, Make up your MF-ing mind! Are you going to be saved or not? Are you going to be a pastor or not? Are you going to rap or put out silly bitty bull crap mixtapes taht ain't worth the download? *smh... Download at your own risk! [Here]
1. Prayer (Intro)
2. Uptown Kids
3. I Don’t Know Officer (Loon & Fabolous Diss)
4. We Gone Make It Right (Featuring AZ)
5. Mamacita (Skit)
6. Do What A Player Do
7. The Corn
8. Uptown Connection
9. Drug Wars
10. Pay Per View
11. Tech On Me (Cam’ron Diss)
12. My Baby’s Mother’s Boyfriend’s Mother (Skit)
13. That’s The Way (Featuring Fabolous)
14. Take A Picture (Featuring Lil Scrappy)
15. I’m No Killa’ (Jay-Z Diss) (Featuring Diddy)
16. Get Rude
17. Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See
18. Ill Flow
19. Who Shot Ya
20. Crew Of The Year
21. 300 Shots (The Game, Jadakiss & Fat Joe Diss) (Featuring 50 Cent)
22. Jackin’ For Beats
23. Yes You May (Remix) (Featuring Cam’ron, Buddha Bless, Bloodshed, Herb McGruff, Terra & Big Twan)

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