Advice Letter: He Wants Me To Get Breast Implants

Dear Miss Dimplez,
I love your site, and I'm glad you give advice because I have a serious issue and no one to talk to about it. I love my boyfriend so much, and it has come to the point where he is going to ask me to marry him. But he wants me to get breast implants because that is what he likes. He is a very successful man who can and does do anything for me. So because he does these things for me, he can't understand why I won't do this one simple thing for him. I told him I do not want to do it before he asks me to marry. What should I do?
Girl With Problem

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I appreciate you writing this letter because so many times do we, as women, try to change ourselves to fit another person's image. You should only get breast implants if you want to, and from your letter I'm sure you don't. Even though your boyfriend likes large breasts, and you're hoping he will eventually ask you to marry him, he's not the one that will undergo the knife... Him asking you to get breast implants is like you asking him to get a penis implant. Implants are not like a new clothes, you can't take them off when you want to. It's a major surgery and it is something you will have to live with for the rest of your life... You've made it this far in the relationship without it surgical enhancements, but if its absolutely something he can't live without, then you may have to part ways...
- Miss Dimplez

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