Kanye West Urges Artists To Boycott Arizona

Kanye West is back on the scene (check out his new single), and he is already urging his fellow musicians to boycott Arizona over the state's new controversial immigration legislation. Kanye is getting in on the action and insisting performers should not play any shows in the state in protest.

I respect the protest, but being that I live in Arizona, its going to be a LONNNG summer. "/
Kanye said, "When Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat, they arrested her. As a result, people got together and said, 'We are not going to ride the bus until they change the law.' It was this courageous action that sparked the Montgomery bus boycott. What if we got together, signed a collective letter saying, 'We're not going to ride the bus', saying 'We are not going to comply. We are not going to play in Arizona. We are going to boycott Arizona?!'"

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