Jada Pinkett Talks Relationships Will Smith & Tupac

Over the years there have always been rumors about Jada and Will having an "open marriage"... And for years they've always denied it, but during this interview with WJLB, she lowkey confirmed it. Which explains why Will was in Superhead's book (the first one)... Anyway, she was very candid in speaking about her relationship with Will, and also touched on her relationship with Tupac. Check out the exerps below...
About Will... "We always have people that we’re attracted to that we talk about. That don’t stop just because your married. Somebody’s always gonna catch your eye. That’s real. Somebody’s gonna always be prettier than me, and somebody’s always gonna be more in awe of him than me, and he gonna be like ‘Yo she really like me’ but as far as somebody being right for us… is there somebody right for a nice night? Maybe. But somebody that can sustain our life and sustain what we’ve built together, absolutely not!"
About Tupac...“Pac and I were never in a romance but I feel as though we had those feelings. It was more of a “platonic romance” between each other. We knew us being together in a romantic way would destroy everything because we were both fire. We would burn everything up! So we knew in order to preserve our relationship there was no way we could ever add romance to it cause we probably would’ve killed each other!”

In my opinion, if Pac was still alive, it would be him and Jada... I know she said otherwise up there, but if you watch this video below (which was taped last year), you'll think so too...

R.I.P. Tupac Shakur

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