Men on Birth Control

When it comes to sex and birth control, women are usually held responsible for protecting themselves against pregnancy... My feelings on that would be IT AINT MY FAULT I'M FERTILE... lol... Would you trust your man to take the birth control pill every day and on time? I wouldn't... not speaking from personal experience. I'm one of the few women in this world who genetically as I get older has a more reductive chance of ever having a baby... All that aside, if he was on birth control would I used birth control?... No. Think about it... Its the same way a guy, after both of y'all have been tested, given you're on birth control, will want to sleep with you without a condom because you've got it covered... Why should it be different if he's the one on birth control?... I don't want no blue pill water weight gain...

make sure to have safe sex. wrap it up.

- Ms. Dimplez

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