On Kanye's Birthday....

For Ye' stans like myself, you'd know that today is Mr. West's birthday... My future ex-husband is officially 33. I'm sure Ye's in the lab making hot tracks for his upcoming album (Good A** Job); set to release this September. So what's been poppin' off on Mr. West's Birthday?

Rhymefest drops his new album -- El Che; The Movement
Eminem's Recovery leaked... (No link here; Google is your friend)
A Black Man Writes An Open Letter To Slim Thug @MissJia
Lil Kim kills 'em in purple... @Str8NYC
The Smiths & Their Outfits At The Karate Kid Premiere @ConcreteLoop
Ways to figure out if your man is simpin' @BlogXilla
Ludacris tries to hog the stage at Summer Jam @JuicyCarter
50 Cent Chimes In on the Nicki vs Lil Kim BEEF @KiddUNOt

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