Nicki Minaj vs Lil Kim; A Clash of The Barbies

Last week I had said that Lil Kim might never release her full feelings on Minaj, because she might need a feature for her new project. In a show last week in New York City, Kim said,
“We love her, we just want her to pay homage so we can all rock together... It’s all about respect. You respect me, I respect you. You don’t respect me, then f*ck you.” ...harsh but real words from her, but I guess Nicki didn't respond quick enough because on Saturday (June 5) Lil Kim throws on a pink wig and says, “I’m such a f*cking trendsetter... They better motherf*cking respect me.”

There are a whole bunch of diss videos on youtube/vimeo that you can watch, where both ladies speak on the beef. In my opinion the only difference between the chicks is generations. The have the same drive and the same talent. I can see where Lil Kim would be offended. If you spent years building a repertoire and someone new comes in and does it just as well, maybe even better, I'd be mad too... But at the same time, if not for Dancing With The Star, I wouldn't even know Kimmie was still kickin'.. I don't know how long this beef will go on for, but I can tell it will be fruitless. These chicks should take a que from Brandy and Monica and turn they hate into a hit record (ex: The Boy Is Mine).

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