What You Mean Alicia Keys Ain't Swizz's 3rd Baby Mama...?!?!

A UK singer-songwriter & producer, Jahna Sebastian, has come out the wood works claiming that her daughter makes her Swizz Beatz 3rd baby mama, sorry Alicia. According a "friend" of Jahna, Swizz knows the child exists, and there's actually a paternity test that proved he's truly the father. According to that same "friend" Swizz pays $1500 a month in child support but refuses to publically acknowledge the kid; Someone tell Nas to appeal, if Swizz is paying $1500, shawty is getting robbed. Anyway, the internets were buzzing because Jhana wrote a blog titled, "I give thanks for being a producer myself so I don’t have to f*ck for tracks as if I was just a singer”... Sound like anyone we know? Well after hearing the backlash she posted a newer blog saying that it wasn't about Alicia...
It was not about Alicia Keys, stop spreading hate by taking words out of context
I was very surprised to find out that some folks started assuming that there were subliminal messages in my blog posted more than a month ago. There are NO subliminal messages there. The conclusion in my post was a general statement that can apply to various artists around the world from UK, US, Russia, China, Germany etc and at any point the history of music business. It was not targeted at any particular artist especially someone who writes and produces songs for themselves and other people, where is the logic in that? It was definitely not about Alicia Keys. Any Russian person who read it could have possibly linked it to a famous Russian artist in their mind who folks in the US or other parts of the world have never heard of. I guess, people see what their eyes want to see. No need to start a beef here and spread hate by taking words out of context.
I'm starting to feel like the whole Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz affair is like a long lost episode of Days of Our Lives.

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