Christina Millian Says "THIS Is The Way To Get Over A Man..."

Okay... so she really didn't say that, but that's what her actions are reading. Home girl has been working out more vigirously than ever trying to get back to that pre-baby weight. Last week it hit the internet like a brick that her and ex-hubby The-Dream weren't together anymore. And as the story developed more and more of their business hit the street... Like The Dream filing for divorce 9 days before she gave birth, and made her sign a pre-nup while she was having contractions.
According to TMZ, Christina Milian filed legal papers last week stating that when The Dream filed for divorce, the marriage wasn’t over as they had “Marital relations on several occasions”. In the document, Christina Milian admitted to signing a divorce settlement waiving her rights to alimony and ownership rights to each other’s properties, however she claims she only signed the docs because The Dream brought them to her bedside when she was 9 months pregnant. She was in no condition to comprehend exactly what she was signing.
That was a cold move on The Dream's part, but a smart way to protect your assets, especially since he's a habitual toot & boot-er. I hope she can take him to court and get a little something-something off the top; not that Kelis money, but enough to support her child. All in all, Christina, keep working out girl. Getting back to your sexy self and show The Dream how foolish he was to dip pre-baby.

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