The-Dream’s Album Leak & Review

This weekend The-Dream’s new album, "Love King" leaked like a bad faucet…. I don’t know why it leaked, but I’m almost sure a Ciara stan was to blame (read why here). Anyway, a copy of the album made its way to my inbox, so I did a mini-review...
01.” Love King”
02. Make Up Bag f. T.I.
03. F.I.L.A. feat. T.I.
04. Sex Intelligent
05. Sex Intelligent (Remix)*
06. Yamaha
07. Nikki Part 2*
08. Abyss
09. Panties to the Side
10. Turnt Out
11. February Love
12. Florida University
13. Veteran
14. Priceless
15. Take Care of Me
16. All Black Everything
17. Sorry
Love King is 17 tracks of sexiness. The hottest thing about this project were the transitions. The transitions were so smooth, I lost track of what song I was listening to. I didn’t care too much for “Yamaha” and I fast-forwarded through February love. The smoothest transitions were from “Yamaha” to “Nikki Part 2” to “Abyss” were the best. “Panties To The Side” and “Turnt Out” will be the reason for a 40% population increase... "Florida University" could be a radio hit, and "Veteran" took a while to grow on me. "Take Care of Me" sounds like he's just whining/being super emotional, and "Sorry" was all about Nivea... My favorites: Sex Intelligent (Remix) & Nikki Part 2. All in all, the album was cool, and is worth the purchase. [In stores: June 29th]

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