Parker & The Number Man - Audio Review

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Track 1 - The line I remembered the most was “manuvering to mega lift out of the world”. The second verse was kinda hot. Had some one liners, but you had no central message, and I think it stemmed back to not having a title. None of these tracks have a title. So in taking my second and third listen there was no central theme to tie the song back to… I was unsure of what you were "letting me know"...
Track 2 - The intro was kinda smooth, “what about your block, how many cops you spot” it had revolving theme, one liners again... You were telling a story, and I could follow… The vocal audio levels just weren’t loud enough. The production quality of this track was shot.… And then the song was less than 3 minutes? Disappointing. You could do so much more justice to that track.
Track 3 - Hoping that I understood this tack correctly, it was a story about your girlfriend tripping.. I felt that the intro was excessively long and overly intentionally obscure. The 1st verse was the best verse. The 2nd verse was kind of a let down. And the entire track being less than 2 min and 30 seconds was disappointing. I was just getting into the song and it ended.
Track 4 - In the first verse, I believe, Parker says, “My accountant just called, said the yin is in… and better from the way I’m spending it... I am P, ½ of the same thing…” its like an introduction of who you are. This should have been first on the cd you sent me. This song is the song you should demonstrate to the masses; in it the flows were deliberate and easily audible. Easily my favorite out of the 4.

Overall I rate the mixtape a "C. I respect that you made the stance that you were serious about your music and sent me the actual drives and performance discs, but I promised you realism. You fellas have a lot to prove. Spend all the time you possibly can on your craft. These joints were slightly unfinished at best, except for track 4; that production level was a step above. The producer of these tracks should take a second look at the leveling and make sure its up to par. You two have a lot of potential, and if you work at it you could be great, but you're going to have to come much harder.

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