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"Still Standing" is the title of the new album From R&B singer Monica and she does not disappoint. The album is full of songs that make you feel warm all over with love and joy. To not be out done, Monica requested the help of hit making producers assuring that her album would be a main contender. Its been a while since Monica has hit the scene and she needed this album to secure her place in this industry full of Beyonce's and Rihanna's.
With this album under her belt Monica ,better known as "Mo", is showing that after 15 yrs and two children she still has what it takes and that the game only gets better. This is Monica's sixth studio Album and her best Debuting album since 2003's "After the storm" selling nearly 200,000 copies in its first week of release. After a lackluster release of 2007's "The makings of me" Monica revisits her roots and takes us back to the music we love to hear from her, pouring out soul and life into each song once again Monica has showed us that real music still holds relevance in a world full of pop savvy tunes.

Overall I rate "Still Standing" an "
Not only is this album A must buy it's a summer must have, You would not want to be the odd one out so go out support real artist who put out real music. Recommended Tracks - "Love All Over Me", "Here I Am", "Superman","Everything","Still Standing".

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