Advice Letter: We Met Online And Now She Wants A Baby...

Dear Miss Dimplez,
In November I met a woman on eharmony, and we hit it right off. She invited me over for dinner and quickly pursued a deep and intimate relationship. She does not work but spends most of her time in a dark apartment, with the blinds closed, sitting in front of a TV. I work a demanding full-time job. Things weren't perfect, but I was content. In March I took her out of town for a few days. After we got back she asked when we were getting married. I told her I wanted to wait a good year or two so we could fully develop our relationship. She gave me an ultimatum, so I proposed marriage.... As soon as this happened, she tried to pressure me into having a baby with her and buying a house. She is good in some ways like buying me gifts and stocking the refrigerator with things I like, but she never admits when she is wrong, never apologizes, and never works to correct anything. I feel too much is happening too fast. What should I do?
Man Who Found His Woman On The Internet

Dear Man Who Found His Woman On The Internet,
People no longer use internet dating sites for someone who they want to meet and grow, but more like catalog shopping for what they want to control. Its obvious to me that you were looking for love, and before you could say that you found it, she wants a house and a baby. And with her wants, she pressured you into an engagement and if you marry her, she will pressure you into a life you don't want. I don't care how 'compatible' the site said you were, but this is not a match. You are not in harmony. Move on. But, consider yourself blessed, she could have hid her true colors until after you got married, and you would have ended up with a woman you couldn't stand to live with.
- Miss Dimplez

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