OD: Why Steadman And Men Like Him Will Never Have Oprah

OverDose: I was reading this quote that Stedman (Oprah's on-and-off-again boo) said about Oprah. In reading it, it became appearant to me why their relationship never worked out...
“I don’t think they understand the value of who she is as a human being and what she’s done. Because a prophet has no honor in his own town. I think they take her for granted a lot. I’m just saying, from an insider’s point of view, that I don’t think she gets the just due based on who she really is and what she’s done for the Chicagoland area… she’s a great humanitarian, a great leader.” (quote via GossipOnThis)

Oprah is cool, she has done a lot for charities/foundations, but calling her a 'modern day prophet' is a stretch... Men like Stedman will never "have" women like Oprah because they over idolize their women. I respect Stedman for respecting Oprah so much that he has to praise her all the time, but after all these years, you think he'd realize that the relationship will not be successful. Post your thoughts below.

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