Advice Letter: He Broke Into My House

Dear Miss Dimplez,
I need your help. I have been going out with this guy for five months now. He is a very nice person, he treats me well, and we have fun together. The main problem is recently he lied to me. We were supposed to meet, but he did not appear. He claimed he was carjacked. He has keys to my house, so he went and took money and pretended the carjackers did it. I want to forgive him but I'm not sure what to do. He asked for forgiveness and promised that this incident will never be repeated. Can I trust him again?
[-name removed-]

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Dear [-name removed-],
This guy is a liar and a thief. He took advantage of your trust and if you stay with him, he will only make a fool out of you. You should be happy that you found out what he was now, before the situation got even more serious... I do think you should forgive him. Forgiveness isn't necessarily for the other person, it also includes being at peace with yourself. If you hold a grudge against him, it will only eat you away, and you don't want that kind of burden. Forgive him, but move on. You don't need to be this man's fool.
-Miss Dimplez

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