Advice Letter: I Think My Wife Is Cheating On Me...

Dear Miss Dimplez,
I am my wife's third husband. I encouraged her to pursue her education. She graduated from college with a teaching degree and is in her second year of teaching. She maintains a high degree of independence. She pays her bills, I pay mine, and she retains an ex-husband's name. A year ago she discovered a book on nutrition and exercise. She is 37 and in good shape, but wanted to improve her looks even further. For the past 10 months she has been religiously exercising, dieting, and reading muscle magazines. She is now extremely well built with a hard chiseled body.

She has always gotten attention, but I believe she is getting a lot more now, especially from the young stud teachers. Although she denies she is vying for attention, she just bought a major "muscle car." Where she used to be modest, she now wears tight tops with cleavage showing and a bare midriff. The latest? She is having her hair dyed blond this weekend. When I ask her why she has changed, she gets hostile. She denies anything is going on and says I am strangling her. And by the way, she told me, the gang from school is going skiing and she would like to go. I am not invited. I don't know what to do... I think she may be cheating on me.

A Concerned Husband
Dear Concerned Husband,
If it was one or two changes, I'd tell you to attribute it to a mid-life crisis and tell you to give her space. But, in putting all of these things together it's not good. Although, I do not think she has cheated on you yet, she may have entertained the ideal. You need to remind her that she needs not change to please you. Do something that makes her remember that you're all the man she needs. Talk to her, have a heart to heart, let her know exactly how you feel. Tell her about how you're afraid to lose her and how she makes you feel with all these changes. Also, step your romance game up. Prepare a special candle lit dinner with roses and champagne... "Woo" your wife. Show her that you're still as hot for her as you were years ago.
- Miss Dimplez

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