My 50+ Days As A Vegan...

I used to call myself a meat-atarian. is that steak? shrimp? chicken? cheese?...I loved it! Especially cheese! But, as I started the new year (2010), I wanted to do something different... So, on January 4th (my birthday), I began this thing called the Daniel Fast... The Daniel Fast is a span of 21 days, where you deny your fleshly wants and strengthen your spirit, by living off of berries, fruits, nuts, and non meat (vegan friendly) foods. The first week was killer. I thought I was going to die of starvation! I didn't know what to eat! I ended up eating a lot of baby carrots, potatoes, and lemons... As the days and weeks began to roll by, the fast became easier... I discovered "other food groups", and this marvelous invention they call soy! At the end of the 21 days I had lost about 20lbs and was feeling accomplished. I did something I thought I could never do, I was a vegan for 21 days.

I tried to return to my meat-atarian ways, but I couldn't do it. The sight or smell of meat/chicken alone made me sick. So, when my church announced that they were fasting the entire month of February, I jumped on the wagon, and decided to continue my Daniel Fast until the end of February.
Well, today is the last day of February, and I am officially putting an end to it. I won't let me new found health go to waste. I plan on continuing to eat healthy. I suggest you try 21 days as a vegan. It'll surprise you the strength and will power you have.
- Miss Dimplez

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