Advice Letter: One Night Stand For a Celebrity, Will He Call?

Dear Miss Dimplez,
I met someone over the weekend who is very very famous. Let's call him "D". I had been volunteering with his sister all day, and D's friend told his sister to tell me that D really likes me because he thinks I am different and sexy. We all hung out, but D didn't talk to me off the bat, then we went to the club, and he was all over this other chick. And I was mad a little bit, I had been drinking. So then we went to someone else's house, and then D comes up to me and starts talking. We ended up kissing and having sex. When I woke up, D was downstairs. I felt terrible, partly because of the beer, but then because of what I did. So as I grabbed my clothes and proceeded to leave, but I ran into him before I could get out the door, and we ended up having sex again. Before I left I wanted him to ask for my number, because I like him, but he wasn't gonna get my number unless he asked. Do you think me and D could make something out of this? Will he even call me?
Girl Who Was A One Night Stand

Photographer: Saudia Furcron Model: Mika Kay
Dear Girl Who Was A One Night Stand,
He is not going to call you unless he wants "some". He is famous, and from what you're telling me, girls throw themselves at him all the time. There is no reason for him to invest in you if you're willing to give it up so easily. Why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free? D probably thought you know what the deal was when you got there. Him asking for your number was a way to get you to exit stage left. It's never in a woman's best interest to get drunk and have sex with a stranger. You were just a weekend girl (a groupie) and he probably has no respect for you. You won't be respected until you respect yourself. Don't be a repeat offender; keep your legs closed.
- Miss Dimplez

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