Mo’Nique’s Brother On Oprah To Speak On Molestation

Academy Award winning actress and comedian, Mo’Nique, did an interview with Essence Magazine back in 2008 and gave some insight to her life. Basically she said that she was molested by her older brother. Mo’Nique said that her brother would lure her into the bathroom with candy and has never apologized for the abuse. So it is shocking to me that Oprah would invite him (and not her) on the show to talk about how he molested her. This is a situation needs to be handled between Mo'Nique, her brother, and a psychologist privately, not something on national television without both parties present.
‘Because me and my brother were both their children, and I just don’t know the kind of position they felt they were in. My father was very upset, but it never got mentioned again. I’ll never forget my mother saying, ‘If it’s true, it will surface again,’ and I remember thinking, ‘Why would I lie? Why is there even an if in this?’ I was angry with them for so long, because I felt as if they should have seen what was happening. My brother is a monster to me. (via MissJia)

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