Lala Vazquez Takes Over VIBE For A Day

Lala Vazquez takes over for a day. The concept is cool, not quite sure what they have her doing, but she dropped a few words on the Nicki/Kim beef, what she thinks about Basketball Wives, and how celebrities can get their relationships to work...
VIBE: Our Editor in Chief, tells us you’re a big Nicki Minaj fan…
La La Vazquez: I am a fan, I like her music, I like what’s she doing. I know everyone has an opinion, but I think at some time or another, everything in life reinvents itself at some time. So what’s she’s doing is awesome. There’s a joke though, because usually I’m on Twitter and I’ll say ‘Blasting the new Nicki Minaj.’ And then my cousin says something like ‘Yo, you’re doing all that and this chick’s not even following you.’ So she puts on Twitter, ‘Don’t you think it’s messed up that [Nicki Minaj] is not following [La La] and then they started a trending topic that was #NickiMinajFollowLaLa. So then I’m feeling like a lame groupie and the next day she starts following me, like ‘Oh my God, I didn’t know it was trending topic, I love you La La.’ And it was just the funniest thing now. We actually became friends off that whole thing. It’s funny because I was like ‘Wait, is this what a girl crush feels like?!’
What are your thoughts on the show Basketball Wives? I think it’s great entertainment and it’s great for Shaunie O’Neal. She had asked me to participate, but it’s just not something for the direction I’m going. But I think it’s a great show, people are glued to the TV.
What advice do you have to celebrity couples to make their relationship work? Maintain your own and be the person that the other person fell in love with. I thin we have a tendency to settle in our relationships and lose our drive. But you have to stay the person you were that attracted you to that person. Have a life outside that relationship." [more here]

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