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coco and breezy
The New Era Femme Fatales; Volume 1. Femme fatale is French for "deadly female". The term describes an independent woman who is a threat to tradition female gender roles. Corianna and Brianna Dotson, better known as Coco and Breezy epitomize that description. These femme fatales came out of the womb grinding. They are fashion designers, dancers and freelance models.. With their electric eyewear line “Gemela Amor”, French for twin love, they are taking over the world, one pair of shades at a time.
MD: Tell us a little bit about yourself...
We are Coco and Breezy… identical twins, originally from Minnesota. We’ve lived in New York for over 5 months. When we moved here our lives changed. We‘re eyewear fashion designers, young entrepreneurs… and we’re just here to inspire young people and to show that you can do it. That‘s why we work so hard… We’re just trying to show that all it takes is commitment and hard work.
MD: When did you realize that fashion designing was you niche?
We’ve always been into fashion, since we were younger… We really didn’t realize that we would be making a living off of this until designing until about last year… We’ve always designed but we never thought “oh, I’m going to be a designer when I get older..”… We just designed and our line just blew up.. But, its definitely a passion.
MD: What was the first thing you ever designed?
When we were younger, like really really young, we’d take our mom’s sheets and make them into dresses..
MD: How old are you now?
We’re only 19, we’re young… but that’s why you want to start younger, we’re young and we started young and some people think that you have to be old to follow your dreams but we didn’t wait for nobody we just went for it.
MD: Do you feel like what you’re doing is important?
Yes, I do actually… I believe everything that me and Coco do is very important. We don’t do it for the money, but solely to inspire younger people… We’re young entrepreneurs, and we’re showing that you can be young and black in the fashion industry, even though it’s tough, you can do it. Everything is possible.
MD: What makes “Coco and Breezy”?
We’re crazy like… we don’t care, we’re very different. We could care less about what people think about us, our style is very out of this world… We’re very open minded, and we just do whatever we want… We set goals, and we don’t care how hard its going to be to reach them, or how much sleep we’re not going to get, we just do it up. And remain very humble. What makes us different from other designers or people who are also in the industry is that they may be cocky, but us you would never know.
MD: How important do you think it is to stay humble?
I think it’s very important, because we want to stay close to our friends and supporters… We want to be able to give advice. See, the people that don’t remain humble are the people who want to be icons, we don’t want to be icons, we want to be inspirations to people. I don’t want to be someone’s icon, I want to be someone’s inspiration. I don’t want to be a bad example, I want to be a good example..
MD: What your inspirations/motivations? What keeps you ladies going?
What keeps us going is the fact that so many people hit us up everyday telling us how what we’re doing has inspired them, and that makes us work even harder. That really means a lot to us that we inspire other people. And almost everyday, a couple blogs recognize us, so seeing our name get bigger and bigger, makes us not want to be comfortable, but work even harder to get even bigger.
MD: What’s the hardest thing you’ve had to face while being in the fashion industry?
Seeing other people copy our designs, instead of making their own… And it keeps happening, so we’re switching it up.
MD: Do you have words of encouragement or advice for people trying to get to where you are?
Definitely…. Work hard, don’t wait for anybody. A lot of people try to wait on that one person that said they were going to get them to the place, or put them on… But, where we’re at now, we had no help, no publicist, no management, no nothing… we did it all on our own. And make sure you set a goal. It doesn’t matter how long its going to take or how hard its going to be just go for it.
coco and breezy
These femmes are very inspirational and are poised for a dominant 2010, but don't take my word for it, find out for youself. Check out their blog and see sneak peaks of their new line 20/20 shades @, also, follow them on twitter @CocoandBreezy.

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