Exclusive: P.J. Sparks’ Coming of Age

Special thanks to Jodi Sparks (mother of P.J. and Jordin Sparks), MissDimplez.com was able to get exclusive coverage of P.J. Sparks’ 18th Birthday Celebration. The day started with an exclusive interview with P.J., followed by preparations for his surprise performance. As P.J did his sound check for his performance, you can see a very secure young man on the platform to success, with his mother proudly standing in the background.
MissDimplez.com’s J. Lontae had a chance to speak with Nichet Smith, P.J's publicist and close family friend. In speaking to Niche about P.J.’s growth to adulthood she told him, “This is all bittersweet. I have known him since he was a child so I’m a bit sad. But, I know that he has a good head on his shoulders, and I see all that he’s capable of…”

The entire Sparks family is very close. The entire Sparks family was in attendance, from his intermediate family to his cousins, they were all present. They rallied around him at his first performance, supporting him, and wishing him a happy 18th birthday. When P.J. and close cousin Mike Walker, took the stage, the energy from the crowd burst into the atmosphere. Everyone was enjoying it and having a great time. As P.J. began to move through the crowd you could see his older sister Jordin in the background dancing away to the original tune. For that moment in time, Jordin Sparks wasn’t just a pop-singing sensation; she was a proud older sister, supporting her brother and cousin as they made music happen… The event was a tremendous success.

Check out some of the video footage of P.J.’s performance, video of Jordin singing happy birthday, and our snapshots (via photographer Tommy Briones)…

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