Artist Spotlight: Kreesha Turner

Singer Kreesha Turner, has been dominating on the Billboards, and you've been sleeping on her. Who is Kreesha Turner? Kreesha is a Canadian/Jamaican singer that has been killing it since 2008. Word is she's really big over seas, and she's got the local accolades to prove it. Her songs have been had her tracks featured on a multitude of shows ranging from Gossip Girl to Entourage. She currently holds the number three spot for Dance/Club songs on the Billboards, with her smash hit "Dust In Gravity", produced by Delerium... When you watch this video, you will be taken back by the voice this chick has. It's awesome to see a female out there doing her thing, not compromising her musical style, or over sexualizing her image. #Respect. She's definitely someone I intend to keep up with... Watch the video below and follow her on twitter (@KreeshaTurner)...

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