Artist Spotlight: Jasmine Hormez

Jasmine Hormez is a up-and-coming singer out of AZ. Jasmine is Detroit born, AZ raised, but of Latin descent. A few months back I got to see this femme perform, and I must say, she's got this hunger that can't be tamed. She's got this old school vibe with a new school feel. She's also got this epic choreographer, and top notch back up dancers; they really put on a show. Jasmine has the vocal capability to blow Keri Hilson out of the water, and as long as she keeps working hard, the sky is the limit. I can't wait to see what this femme does next. Check out her trailer for her upcoming debut album (below), and visit
“As cliché as it sounds, music really is my medicine. Life isn’t perfect for me, but for every emotion I’ve ever felt, I feel like one day I will find the melody to match.” - Jasmine Hormez

Check out some performance videos//covers, from Jasmine, here

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