Shyne Covers XXL & Speaks On Diddy

For the August issue of XXL Magazine, Shyne is featured on the cover. Within the pages they have an interview; he speaks candidly on Diddy and spending 10 years in jail...
“I don’t know whether he [Diddy] was nervous, afraid... When you’re afraid and you’re emotional, that’s a different survival tactic. Those are the people that do anything, regardless of character and integrity, to preserve and protect themselves, regardless of who they hurt. I guess maybe that was the situation. Never been in a situation like that, where he facing years, and he got hundreds of millions and all that shit at stake. But where I’m from, doesn’t matter. You lose everything for your comrade. Again, if you’re in battle, I’ll catch a bullet, too. It ain’t like, Yo, he’s dead. Don’t make no sense for me to die, too. Nah, I’ma die, too! So you hope or you take for granted that all men are the same. But I know all men are not.”
“I looked at bein’ in the pen for 10 joints as my opportunity to concentrate, to get things in perspective. And I never let it devastate me, although it was devastating, because I never thought I was gonna be in jail for 10 years. I thought I was gon’ make a bail. I thought I was gon’ get my shit reversed. I’m terribly optimistic.”
He's so optimistic it's amazing. I can't even imagine what its like to spend a decade in jail, when the people who were more involved in the situation didn't even do a day.... *smh. The full interview will be in August's issue of XXL (in stores August 10th).

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