Jordin Sparks Brings Her Battlefield Tour Home!

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Jordin Sparks brought her battlefield tour to her home state last night, performing at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe, Az (July 1st).

And did she ever do her state proud, her golden vocals soared through each and every song without flaw. Through the entire set her energy was outstanding, which would have many surprised that this was her first headlining tour. Jordin opened up the set with her hit single 'Battlefield' taken from her sophomore album of the same title, and from the first note you could tell a star was home with her friends and family and was ready to lay it all on the line.

The set list was magically crafted and gave the audience a peek into every side of the star. Songs like "(S.O.S) let the music play" and Emergency (911)" allowed you to see the spirited side of the American Idol Alum, Where as songs like "No Parade", and "Faith" gave you a look into the vulnerable side a quite beautiful side. Even though the staging could have matched her personality more, the curvy and vivacious sparks worked it for what it was, all with a smile that is breathtaking.

At one point in the show Jordin had to stop for a second to allow herself to take in the fact, that she was home and doing what she was born to do, what she had dreamed to do for so many years. Fighting back tears an overwhelmed Sparks thanked the crowed for their continued support, and even at one point reminding them that she was merely just a fan standing watching one of her favorite groups play their songs here just a few years ago.

You really got the sense that Jordin treats her crew more like family than work, she willingly and delightfully shared the stage with her background singers allowing each of them to show off why they're the chosen few, and could they sing. Each took turns on "No Air", and thankfully we as the audience were allowed the opportunity to hear such amazing voices of outstanding quality. Sparks then closed the show with a revamped version of the song adding an Island Girl flare , huge notes, a Thank you and a Goodbye.

If you would like to enjoy the same experience and are in the California area you can go to Sparks Town to purchase tickets , Sparks will finish the tour with a series of shows before heading off to New York to star in a role on Broadway.

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