Detox: Lost Interview With Que of Day 26

A few months ago I did an interview with Que ex-member of Day 26. A midst my transcribing my computer crashed, and Que fell victim to "leaked celebrity naked pictures". As soon as he almost disappeared from my radar, he proceeds to propose to his girlfriend (Dawn of Dirty Money) via twitter... *smh! Way to make your nuptials relevant shawty; check out the tweet and part of my recovered interview with Que below...
Whats the hardest thing you've faced being/becoming a solo artist?
I want to say its basically making people believe in and showing that I can do it. I'm coming from reality tv, and people didn't take Day 26 seriously. They thought we were reality tv stars.. So, I guess the hardest struggle is just getting the fans to believe in me, and then I'm still going to make great music. But I think since the release of the mixtape, they're definitely down.

How did the idea of the mixtape (the Que Files) came about?
Basically that situation that happened with Day 26 when they gave me the letter, after I got the letter I just went into the studio and vented, and let out some of my frustation about things that I had just been going through, period... and then I came out with the concept for Que Files, and went in the booth and started recording. And then I started talking about different situations that happened, whether it be with Day 26 or any thing in my relationship, or anything that I've been through... So then I made Que Files.

If you could compare your sound to any other artist, who would you compare yourself to?
I have people compare me to like Chris Brown because of the youth that's in my voice, or an Usher..

What do you think you as a solo artist can bring to the game that others cant?
My story. A realness. Something showing people that I'm just a reality tv star, I really can sing.. A lot of these other artists, they can't do it.

Do you believe in the Diddy-black-hole or the Bad Boy curse?
Do I believe on the Bad Boy curse? Nah... I don't believe in that. I believe that if you're serious about you're career, you won't let anything stop you. You won't let whoever or whatever come in your way of your dream. This is what I was meant to do and I won't let one man, or a record company stop me.

Although Dawn did not answer via twitter, word on the street is she said yes. Congratulations on the engagement... But next time, spell check.

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