Not So QUE-T; Another Naked Celeb..

Earlier this morning pictures of Que a former member of Day 26 "Mtv's Making The Band" Leaked online , the pictures that leaked are of the outcast group member lying in a bed nude pleasing himself for a lack of better words. These photos are addition to a line up of celebrities who have leaked pictures of themselves to push a project or to gain an extra 15 minutes of fame, other celebs such as Ray J, Kim Kardashian, Jamie Foxx, and non other than Willie also a member of the group Day 26.....These pictures to me scream desperation, and are truly embarrassing. Is this what the industry has come to? After all one thing that is consistently proven within the entertainment field is sex does sell , but who decides when it has gone to far?
{click at your own risk. NSFW}

---- comments from Miss Dimplez
About a week ago I did an interview with Que so in seeing these pictures I am disappointed. In our conversation he seemed so serious about proving to people that he is capable and able to survive in this music industry. But, there is something about naked pictures that cuts down the viability of artists. In looking at these photos I doubt they were intentionally leaked but, still I'm disappointed. 15 minutes of fame can only last SO long...

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