The Compton Cookout - Jiggaboo's Response

At UCSD (University of California, San Diego) they had a party called the Compton Cookout... The party was geared towards white students, and they were required to participate in "coon" activities. Party goers were required to bring a bucket of chicken or watermelon, dress in "hood attire" and use vernacular stereotypical to the black community... The party theme attracted the attention of viral Promoter Jiggaboo Jones, a 37 year old black man who refers to himself as the "no. 1 nigger in America"... There were thousands of attendees. Minority UCSD students were outraged and asked the administration to take action, but the school did nothing. A few days later a white girl, who had attended the party, hung a noose in their school library. She was the only one reprimanded by suspension. Via Dauche I came across this site this statement was issued by "Jiggaboo" himself. I copied and pasted it, and took a screen shot of the site as to not give his site any more hits than necessary.

Compton Cookout: Official Statement Ladies, Gentlemen, people of the media & the element of sub human trash who started this crap:Earlier this month we wanted to give a special thank you to several of my fans on My Street Team in San Diego for their continued support of our videos, shirts & DVD’s. As we have done several times and several places before. A few days before the event we were unable to get a full screening copy of the DVD in time for the event. With the wheels of the event already in motion it was thought it would still be fun to have the party they invited some friends from UCSD and it went off great and it was a good time had by all. A few people who were rowdy participants from Nigga Nite 2009 showed up, and we turned them away, because we didn’t want any fights or Police Involvement.

Over the next few days some hate mongering black people had told a pack of lies about our event stating that a White Fraternity and several members of the KKK threw a Racist party that made fun of black people. This lie was quickly soaked up by people with some kind of political agenda to spread hate and discontent among people who attend UCSD. The divisive few told a “Woa is me” tale of how all blacks at UCSD are almost lynched in trees seemingly everyday. Members of the media ate this up because this type of story sells papers, gets people pissed off and keeps them tuning in. Blog sites went crazy and facebook fascists took their laptops and started the witch hunt that would ruin the reputations of several good hearted people and their families with their inaccurate statements. Several fans called my phones, lit up voicemail and emails wondering why I wasn’t coming out to defend the members of my San Diego Street team.
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Proudly, The Number One Nigger in America…..
Jiggaboo (M.F.) Jones S.A.B.B.D & L.A.N.S.D.

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