Arizona -- The Racist State

Last Friday, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, signed one of the harshest anti-illegal immigration bills ever. The whole purpose of the anti-illegal immigration bill, also known as SB 1070, is to deport illegal immigrants. In order to deport illegal immigrant, you’ve got to identify them right? Well, the bill says that’s okay! Feel free to ask anyone that is of a ‘tan’ pigment for their documentation, stating that they are legally allowed to be here. The bill is a skewed attempt for Arizona to try and tighten its borders to prevent illegal immigrants from coming, at the same time removes illegal immigrants who are already here. I don’t know about you, but I have problems with ‘government officials’ being allowed to racially profile me.
The fact that in 2010, such a racist bill could be signed into law is outrageous!
Activist Raul Grijalva stated in an open letter to President Obama, “SB 1070 would exacerbate the problem of racial profiling . . . and would continue to compromise the civil rights of citizens, legal residents, tourists and foreign visitors…” The letter goes on to say that there “have been subject to serious concerns as local law enforcement agencies have used the new powers to target communities of color, including a disproportionate number of Latinos for arrest…. This law will put every policeman in the state on notice that their main duty from now on is to question Hispanics about their citizenship… This is a discriminatory policy that cannot be enforced without committing grave breaches of due process and equal protection. The law will not withstand legal scrutiny, and I call on the president immediately to reject it in the strongest possible terms.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. I really think President Obama needs to step in and do something. I don’t know if he can legally repeal State law, but he should try. People are outraged at this bill. There have been protesters outside of Arizona’s Statehouse, since its signing. This is not the first time that Arizona has been overly conservative when it comes to lawmaking. Arizona was the last state to accept Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday as a public holiday, and would not have done so unless there were drastic economic boycotts were imparted by the remaining 49 states. Some truck drivers are already refusing to drive through Arizona, and groups are already beginning to boycott all Arizona goods and services.

This past Tuesday, Al Sharpton said, "We will go to Arizona when this bill goes into effect and walk the streets with people who refuse to give identification and force arrest." Other celebrities, like Shakira, will be in Arizona today, speaking out on the bill, protesting and motivating the masses to take action… The bill doesn’t officially take effect until 90 days from its signing. But, if you have a ‘tan’ and no papers, I suggest you get out of Arizona while you can.

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