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First and foremost let me say this, I can not speak for anyone but myself. I can not force knowledge on anyone, but I can simply present my take on it. If you get offended, you probably should visit my blog. I'm a child of God; so get with it or get lost. Me, @Dauche, and a couple other friends, as of late, have been really into researching and discussing secret societies and music. And I can't point fingers and folks and say they're devil worshipers, but Jay-Z has been using some devilish tactics. Jay-Z posted his "On To The Next One" video, and in it there's some madd symbolism.
First, watch the video.

So here's what I caught:
#1 The adornment (crown) around his head. His joint was in candles. In the bible Jesus had an adornment of olive branches detonating that he was the Son of God.
The first smoke haze. The center (white smoke) formed the nativity scene [Mary, baby Jesus..etc], but then it gets engulfed in black smog.
everything is dark//"all black everything".
The number three. Everything was in threes. Three skulls, rosaries, crosses, pain stripes... etc.
#5 The pools of blood, rain,.. etc

There is so much more symbolism in this video, but this is just the initial stuff I caught. Watch for yourself, but don't be hypnotized by it. Take this knowledge and use it. Its obvious that Jay has been hearing the "Illuminati" rumors and is doing a little extra, being more blatant, and giving us a little more to talk about. At the end of the day, who he worships is his business; I'm leaving it up to God. If ever curious about topics like this, hit me up. Also, visit VigilantCitizen.com.
- Miss Dimplez

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