The Birthday Presents Begin...

My birthday is on Monday (the 4th), and the presents have already begun to stream in... well, not necessarily "stream" but I got my first one today! ...So, I woke up this morning and a male friend of mine, called me and told me to get dressed; he'd be over in 15min. Before I could ask, "where are we going?", he had hung up the phone... Dragging my feet, I got dressed. Hopped in the whip, we took a little ride to the mall, went to Macys. He walked me to the watch counter, where they kept the G-shocks, and he said, "Pick one."... I started to protest, but the decision was final. He said this was for my birthday... So, I chose the all black with green highlights, [its a G-Shock watch by CASIO]. He totally made my day. =*]

Thanks J! 'preciate ya. =*]
- Miss Dimplez

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