Femme Of The Day: Kelly Rowland @ Elle

Kelly Rowland does a shoot with Elle Magazine. She's working it! Some of the outfits I could live without, in others she looks smokin'! The entire shoot she styled herself. Check out the photos below, also listen and download her hot new single "Rose Colored Glasses".

"A beautiful songstress with an eye for rich style, Kelly Rowland loves seeking out new fashions. Whether she is jetting across the world in comfortable garb or performing onstage in a skintight minidress, this star chooses only the best in design. Having matured from the days of coordinated costumes with Destiny’s Child, and even co-hosting a fashion-based reality-TV show, Kelly has found her own appreciation for designers, style, and trends. “I like to see what I have first, see what everyone else is doing, and then I put my own shake on stuff so it’s my own,” she reveals. We catch Kelly in town from Miami to show us her favorite wardrobe pieces." (via Elle)

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