Is Rihanna Joining Kanye And Boycotting Arizona?

Rihanna canceled her July 22nd Concert in Phoenix, Arizona. The rumor was that she is joining Kanye West and his boycott, and boycotting Arizona in protest of the new immigration laws. The rumor is false. Rihanna's "Last Girl On Earth" tour has been flopping all over the U.S, and she just didn't sell a lot of tickets. Her camp is worried about low attendance due to her lack luster in ticket sales, and not only canceled the stop in Phoenix, but Dallas as well. This is no boycott on Arizona; RiRi is scheduled to perform in Tucson, Arizona, at a venue 1/4 the venue in Phoenix. In other RiRi related news, she is featured in Elle Magazine's July 2010 edition. Her tour isn't doing well, but at least she still photographs nicely. Check out the shots below...

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