"Beyonce Was My Only Friend.. "

Kelly Rowland recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly that her and Beyonce have always been friends regardless of Destiny's Child splitting..
“We were always civilized. That’s what I’m most proud of. From the rumors to the lawsuits to false accusations, it was really tough. We were strong because we had each other. There were times when I couldn’t even be strong enough, so I had B. She was the only thing I knew. She was my only friend.”

She also went on to say that if the fans wanted it, and the timing was right that she would be down for a reunion in the future. Quotes like this make Kelly look pathetic... What I think she should do is just ride out this solo project and either make it as an independent artist or switch careers something.. I know she says her and Bey are "friends", but truth be told, if ever the time came for a Destiny Child reincarnation, there would be way too much Diva-tude in the room. Bey was just named the second most powerful woman in the world, right below Oprah.... No one's heard from Michelle in months. So Kelly, let that go.

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