Kelly Rowland Talks David Guetta & Fame

Kelly Rowland recently sat down with Paper Mag and dished out some insight on her forthcoming album, Kelly Rowland. As much as I love Kelly, I'm not really anticipating this project. "Commander" was an awesome single, and there were a bunch of remixes to it, but she didn't milk the hit like she could have, and now that's making me second guess the album. So, now that she's a techno/pop artist, I'm going to need her to get new pr, a new weave, booty pops, attitude, and a good push up bra....

A lot of artists are moving toward a futuristic, dance-heavy sound. Why were you influenced to go this direction?
I spent about a year of my life in Europe really listening to a whole bunch of Europeans DJs and hearing dance music a lot on the radio and really loving it. But I didn't really think that I would do a dance record until l went out in the South of France and David Guetta was spinning at a club. Listening to him was just crazy. I heard the track "When Love Takes Over" and I asked if I could take it to London to write lyrics to it. And so we wrote "When Love Takes Over" and it was my first introduction to dance music. Then I went to Europe to promote the record with David and it was a whole other monster. It's really a culture and I love it.

You've been famous for the majority of your life. What's the best and worst part of fame for you?
The best part is the creative part -- being able to make the music. The worst part? Probably the bullshit that comes with the territory. There are some fake people. What else? I'd say people wanting to know all of your business. But you understand it -- that's like the interesting part of it. I remember wanting to know every specific of Whitney and Mariah's life. I wanted to be there when they woke up in the morning. When the first time someone asked for my autograph I was like, "What? I have crazy-looking hair right now. You really want my autograph?" You can't get caught up in fame. Fame comes and fame goes. People change. They change and you know, you can be up one day and down the next. I think about fame as just being a part of it. I think about my home as where I can just be me, my family as where I can just be me, my friends are where I can just be me.
"Kelly Rowland" (the album) comes out September 14th.......... *wait* September 14th? #hmmmm... isn't the day the G.O.O.D Music triad are dropping their albums? I don't know what it is about that day, but I can tell you right now, someone is going to be super pissed at their record sales (or lack there of).

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