Bow Wow Speaks On Diggy Simmons

If you didn't know, I'm a huge support of Diggy Simmons' career, way before the hype, so at first glance in reading what Bow Wow had to say about the kid I took the second response offensively. At a second glance, it didn't seem as bad, but somewhere between Bow Wow referring to himself in the third person I may have gotten confused. You be the judge...
"I’m sure you’ve heard that Diggy Simmons is Atlantic Records' newest rapper. For someone who's had such great success as a kid MC, what’s your advice for him?
Take your time. The good thing [about] starting off young is [you get] to learn from others' mistakes. I would tell [Diggy] to pace himself, don’t grow up too fast, take your time and stay at it. It’s easy now because you’re a kid, but once you hit that that 17, 18 mark it’s going to get rougher so be prepared [for] that next wing because its going to come fast. I think his label’s behind him [so] he should be okay. He should try his best to find whoever his fan base is, stick with them and cater to them That’s the one thing I did. He looks like a star and if he has the right tools around him, he can win. We got to wait and see, but I wish him good luck

On his freestyle “Flow Stoopid” he has line that goes “I don’t rap for my age like Lil Bow Wow.” How do you react to that?
Yeah, I don’t. It’s flattering because it lets me know how much of a prince I came into the game as [and that] people are talking about things I made 10 years ago. I’m still here and to me that’s flattering because that kid that they talk about is the only kid at that age that sold three million copies. So if I was 15 again and tried to come out, I would try to repeat what Lil Bow Wow did, period." (via VIBE)
#Hmmmm.... *silent slugs*

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