Epic Monica and Brandy Beef Squashed!

Do you remember when "The Boy Is Mine" came out? Word was that these chicks were singing about Usher, and that after that song/video was released they were "beefing". I guess over the years these two R&B divas went their separate ways and supposedly "lost touch". According to Monica, they have reconciled via twitter and it 'feels good' it feels so good.
“She found me through Twitter. We lost touch and some of my followers told me that she was looking for me, and it was just a blessing for us to be able to make back up. We are complete opposites, but I think that gives us a chance to really see things from a different perspective on a regular basis. She is a lot calmer than I am and helps me objectively deal with some things. Sometimes I’m able to bring a different perspective on things she may be experiencing. As adults, at 29 and 30 years old, we have a great relationship and a great rapport with one another. We talk about different things inside and outside of the industry.”
I don't believe the bit about losing contact, especially when these two swim in the same circle and are in the same industry, but I do like that they are grown enough to handle their differences... Even though it was over a decade later. Better late than never.

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