Blue Ballin' Chris Brown

Word on the street is that nobody wants to let Chris Brown use their club to host his 21st birthday party in May. I guess he's been trying different venues in all the major cities like New York City, Miami and Las Vegas, and they're all "no-go"s. I guess they're still holding a grudge over the incident that happened OVER a year ago, but the venues aren't the only ones...

Chris Brown is having trouble finding a suitable venue for his 21st birthday on May 5. Sources say Brown was shopping the event to clubs in New York, Miami and Las Vegas. But some promoters were hesitant to book the troubled singer because, “They don’t want to mess up their relationship, or their potential relationship, with Rihanna.” He’s now looking for private homes or restaurants in Manhattan. A Brown spokesman had no comment.
[via GossipOnThis]
They're blue ballin' this kid something fierce... The other day I heard "Kiss Kiss" (a duet with him and T-Pain) on the radio, and they had edited Chris Brown out the song... Even radio doesn't want the cat... I don't condone domestic violence, but dang, if Rihanna, someone involved in the altercation can move past it, why can't you?

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